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Welcome to Johnny Daily, a daily picture community for fans of Johnny Depp.

johnny_daily is a picture-only community.

Not icons. Not gossip. Not the results of your Quizilla quizzes, or reviews and news on Johnny Depp. Just pictures. There are communities for trading/sharing icons, gossip and news. This is not one of them.

I'll reiterate: NO icon posts. No gossip/quizzes/news/photomanipulations/movie reviews.

Other Johnny communties that cater to these are:

A few things you need to know before posting here, aka The Rules:

1. Every post to johnny_daily MUST contain a picture. This means that it has to be unedited in any way. A (direct) link to a picture will do, but we prefer images in each post. If you do not have a website to store your images on, there are several free image hosting services available, or we will host them for you.

We recommend Photobucket for free image hosting.

2. No hot-linking without permission of the site owner. Hotlinking is bandwidth theft and will not be tolerated.

3. Use lj-cuts for large images (over 60KB or 500 pixels) or multiple images. Be considerate of the users who do not have fast connections.

Any posts that do not adhere to these simple rules will be deleted.

Your friendly moderator,

Contact us here.


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If you know of a daily picture community that is daily (with daily picture posts), then let us know and we'll add their link above.